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Favorites Drake and Josh Go Hollywood (2006)

Drake and Josh Go Hollywood (2006) SD
Drake and Josh Go Hollywood (2006)
Year, country:
Steve Hoefer
Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Nancy Sullivan
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Jake and Joshua are in trouble. Perhaps they are inattentive. But who is able to keep track of everything? It is important for guys to look good, choose the right clothes, hairstyle, create an image for themselves. This is the only way to gain self-confidence. Fate, the evil rock constantly bothers them. They can break the record in the number of mismatches, accidents. Their little sister is leaving for Los Angeles. Without it, of course, more fun, because you can afford such actions that in the presence of the ladies are not desirable to perform. Any girl will consider all guys as eccentrics, be offended, angry, start arguing, leave. The guys decided to stop the scammers and for this they stole their iPod. Naturally, nobody will like it - the loss of things. Maybe the attackers will not notice? Hardly. The main characters will have to somehow get out, because they are now in danger. A little bit more and they will have to start fists. They never fought. The laws also never violated, the truth is on their side. As a result, they will get on television and perhaps even become famous. The heroism of their act is impossible to deny. That's just according to the rules in such situations should call the police.

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