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Forks Over Knives (2011)
Year, country:
Lee Fulkerson
Lee Fulkerson, Matthew Lederman, Alona Pulde,
1h 36min
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Of course, the most important factor for maintaining good human health is proper nutrition, but often people pay little attention to it, and in some parts of the world, unfortunately, many people also do not have to think about how to do it properly, but about what to eat . The documentary film "Forks instead of knives" tells the viewer about the research that was conducted by independent American scientists and doctors of medicine.
The results of these studies have shown that eating certain foods can lead not only to the acute problem of the modern world - obesity, but also to diseases of the cardiovascular system, autoimmune diseases and even the development of various types of cancer. Why do people like bad delicacies or food from fast food restaurants? Why is it so difficult to give up harmful food that does not benefit the body, just hammering it with nutritional supplements that are carcinogens?
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