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Favorites Belle (2013)

Belle (2013)
Year, country:
Amma Asante
Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Matthew Goode, Emily Watson
1h 40min
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Earlier, a marriage between people with black and white skin was considered a violation of all life principles. The aristocrat, sea captain John Lindsay, had a daughter from a dark-skinned woman. They called her Elizabeth Belle. The man did not abandon the child and took the baby to be raised in his family. Of course, this act of the captain dumbfounded all his relatives. But the girl was well dressed and educated. Although it is understandable that many looked at it with unconcealed contempt.

According to the plot of the film "Belle" Elizabeth grew up and turned into a beauty. It went so far that a man from high society offered her a hand and a heart. Soon the news of the beauty of a young girl reached the royal family. Naturally, many wished to have this beautiful mulatto for himself.
But, among other things, Belle was notable for her remarkable mind. She almost immediately realized that she would have to pierce her own path in life. After all, many more years will pass before people understand that skin color does not matter. Will Belle survive in a difficult situation for himself, says this Film.
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