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Favorites Burning Bodhi (2015)

Burning Bodhi (2015) HD
Burning Bodhi (2015)
Year, country:
Matthew McDuffie
Kaley Cuoco, Sasha Pieterse, Virginia Madsen,
1h 33min
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The stars of the popular sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” are already quite adults and have begun to make their first attempts to gain recognition in the big cinema. Melissa Rauch has already gained Sundance’s recognition and will soon reach us with her Bronze, and Kaylee Cuoco immediately decided to take the barrier of the psychological drama about friendship, love, life and death, which everyone sooner or later comes face to face is a melodrama “Funeral” Bodhi. "

The main characters of the melodrama, a group of childhood friends scattered in different cities and villages, decide to arrange a meeting in their hometown after many years of exclusion in order to honor the memory of the best, most beloved of them. Friends called this event Bodhi's funeral - this sad event, the death of a loved one, as often happens, becomes a bridge for former friends to build broken relationships and even finding a new meaning in life.

As in life, in his death, through his funeral, Bodhi unites friends, forcing him to forget past grievances and move on.