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Favorites Bastard (2015)

Bastard (2015) HD
Bastard (2015)
Year, country:
Powell Robinson (co-director), Patrick Robert Young (co-director)
Dan Creed, Ellis Greer, Rebekah Kennedy,
1h 22min
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“Bastard” is an American horror film of 2015, which strikes moviegoers with its somewhat cruelty and selection of real bloodthirsty and not only bastards.

The action takes place in the most popular place for murders and bullying - in the hotel. In addition, the hotel stands directly on a huge rock, which adds some drama to the whole situation. Several main characters decide to spend the night at the hotel. Each of them is not such a good person at the bottom of his soul, and some can even be called frank bastards. Each one hides its own skeleton in a closet. On that very day, the characters intersect with each other and find themselves drawn into the game ...

A certain person who has put on a terrible mask of a child decides to deal with them rather cruelly. Everywhere blood, human organs, horror, fear and pain ... The main characters need to escape from the killer, rally and come up with a plan. But this is not so easy to do, given their own characters and views on life and the people around them ...