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Favorites Uncle Kent 2 (2015)

Uncle Kent 2 (2015)
Year, country:
Farhad Mann
Joe Swanberg, Jude Swanberg, Kent Osborne
1h 13min
The main character is a talented writer who briefly escaped from the city to his little country house in order to devote some time to creation. He needs to write a script for the next film, and he intends to present a real masterpiece to the customer. He was distracted by the invitation of the new neighbor to the upcoming loud party. Kent decided that it would not hurt him to relax a little, and, taking with him a bottle of good whiskey, went to visit. However, there he was expected by something that he could not hope to see. If he knew what would be there, he would never leave his house.
Uncle Kent 2 the 2015 film.
Once in the house of his new friends, the hero found a flock of frolicking children and clowns entertaining them. That what, and the children's birthday was clearly not part of his plans, because he planned to break away from the full, and now he will have to be bored in the company of strangers to him. In order to somehow dispel the situation, he begins to tell them about his work, and about what project he is preparing at the moment. But suddenly he faces a lack of understanding of the people who invited him. They clearly do not believe that Kent is able to create something brilliant. Well - it seems he will have to prove them otherwise. Uncle Kent 2 (2015) Watch full movie online free|
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