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Bachelors (2015) HD
Bachelors (2015)
Year, country:
Kenny Young
Colin Egglesfield, David Faustino, Drew Fuller,
1h 26min
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The shelf of single womanizer and lovers of female charms is threatened by an irreparable loss - Aaron's best friend is going to get married.

It would seem that yesterday Aaron, handsome, a favorite of women and fortune, together with his friend Sean, a constant partner in love tricks, hunted women, fought for their affection, affection and intimacy (and invariably won), and today Sean declares that he decided to settle down because he met the girl with whom he wants to live his whole life.

Another bachelor party, the last bachelor party - this is the final adventure of Aaron and Sean, but you can’t leave a friend in trouble, even if this fool in love believes that he has enough macho adventures. Another stag party organized by Aaron will be packed full of seductive beauties, relaxing drinks and a vice atmosphere.

The party will definitely guide Sean on the right path and return the elite fighter to the bachelors, Aaron thinks, but another bachelor party will be a long and exciting attraction, so anything can happen. Perhaps a shelf of fools in love will arrive doubly, and bachelors will lose both friends? Or maybe someone will not live up to the wedding at all ...

How to say goodbye to a single life - a comedy guide from director and screenwriter Kenny Young - “Another Stag Party”.