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East Side Story (2015) HD
East Side Story (2015)
Year, country:
David Winters
René Alvarado, David Berón, Gladise Jiminez
1h 28min
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The authors of the film East Side Story offer their viewers to see the stories of different people living in one of Los Angeles's districts. At the very beginning, we were introduced to Diego, a young man who, from his teens, helps his grandmother manage and organize a family business. Together they are engaged in a restaurant, keeping family traditions and paying attention to each client. Meanwhile, his secret close friend Pablo, a Latin American, is trying to cope with his mental suffering. He is trying to open a secret to his close and relative, which he has been keeping for many years, but is afraid that the consequences may be dire.

Diego's main dream is to open his own restaurant. Despite the fact that he likes to help his grandmother, he himself does not feel like a full-fledged leader. And his own business will be able to make him the head of the institution and then he will be able to fully realize himself. To do this, he needs a partner who can share costs and help with the organization. Diego plans to open a restaurant with Pablo, then he has long had his own plans. He has a relationship with Aunt Diego.