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Waffle Street (2015) HD
Waffle Street (2015)
Year, country:
Eshom Nelms Ian Nelms
James Lafferty, Danny Glover, Julie Gonzalo
1h 26min
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Jim Adams had to work very hard to achieve a high position and financial success. His labors were not in vain, and one day the hero was hired by a large investment fund, located not in any outback, but on Wall Street itself. In a relatively short time, Jim manages to make a career leap and bring benefits to his company.

The young man was appointed to the post of vice president and successfully managed multimillion-dollar transactions. However, some detractors in the film Waffle Street (2015) decided to set Adams up, the result of which was his hasty dismissal. Once outside the familiar financial world, Jim begins to think about what business he could devote his future life to.

Having decided to look for his calling in a completely different sphere, the hero settles as a waiter in a small round-the-clock cafe, which is known in the district for its chic waffles. A responsible attitude to work does not leave the hero in a new place, where he is quickly recognized as a very valuable employee.