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Stockholm, Pennsylvania (2015) HD
Stockholm, Pennsylvania (2015)
Year, country:
Nikole Beckwith
Saoirse Ronan, Cynthia Nixon, Jason Isaacs
1h 39min
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The plot focuses on 20-year-old Leia Dargon, who denies that she has the so-called Stockholm syndrome, although this is obvious to everyone around her. The protagonist of the dramatic thriller "Stockholm, Pennsylvania" was kidnapped many years ago. She spent her whole life in the basement of the kidnapper, who convinced the naive victim that he had saved her from the aggressive and gloomy outside world. Gradually, Leia established a close spiritual connection with the villain. Year after year, a man convinced the girl that it was not him, but she found him. The criminal raised her as a native, calling Princess Leia. When an adult heroine was rescued from captivity, all her dreams were destroyed. Now she is no longer Princess Leia, but an ordinary girl. She is not at all happy about reuniting with relatives, but is rejected and disliked — anything but happiness from returning home. Leia has to adapt to new living conditions, which becomes a very difficult test, so she even thinks about how to be imprisoned again.