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Barney Thomson (2015) HD
Barney Thomson (2015)
Year, country:
Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle, Emma Thompson, Ray Winstone
1h 36min
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Barney Thomson is a regular hairdresser in Glasgow. He is an awkward, insecure person, whose life goes along the rut, and, it seems, nothing can fill her with new colors. Abrupt changes occur at the moment when in a random fight, Barney kills his boss. Frightened by his own deed, Barney does not know what to do. He turns to his mother for help, who quickly enough offers a way out of the existing scrapes. In the meantime, everyone who is not too lazy to become interested in the missing hairdresser is the police and local criminal elements. Unexpectedly for himself, Barney finds himself in the center of such a hot mess that he never even dared to dream about. But will he have enough skill to avoid trouble?