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Favorites Violent Shit: The Movie (2015)

Violent Shit: The Movie (2015)
Year, country:
Luigi Pastore
Matteo Pastore, Stefania Visconti, Lilli Carati
1h 22min
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Residents of the Eternal City of Rome have long forgotten about a good night's sleep. The ancient streets of the capital have become a place of terrible crimes - an unknown maniac nicknamed Karl Butcher is operating here. Journalists colorfully describe the details of his heinous murders, scaring the public, while law enforcement agencies are trying to find at least one living evidence of these atrocities. The number of victims is constantly increasing, turning public concern into a real panic. The killer is incredibly cunning and dodgy, therefore, successfully avoids the numerous traps that police officers think and equip with incredible care. Cruelty and intelligence allow us to consider Karl the Butcher the most dangerous maniac of our time, for the capture of which much effort remains to be made. The bloody mission of the killer is not over yet, so no one can feel safe. Any person, even a casual passerby, can become another victim of a pervert. The unfortunate ones have to endure a lot of torment, so death will seem to them a relief.