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Favorites The Prophet (2015)

The Prophet (2015)
Year, country:
Roger Allers
Liam Neeson, Salma Hayek, Quvenzhané Wallis
1h 25min
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Camila, a single mother, got a job at home with Mustafa - a foreign poet, artist and politician who is being held under house arrest. The soldier Halim, assigned to guard Mustafa, secretly has tender feelings for Camille. After the death of her father, Camila Almitra’s daughter forgot how to speak, she gives everyone a lot of trouble and often steals goods from local merchants. Almitra’s only friends are the seagulls, she even somehow communicates with them, issuing cries similar to birds. When a pompous sergeant appears and informs Mustafa that he is free, but must sail to his homeland by the end of the day, the whole city is filled with glee. People who love Mustafa and worship him as their teacher congratulate him on his happy deliverance. However, it turns out that behind the generous offer of freedom lies something else ...

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