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Favorites Zombie Ninjas Vs Black Ops (2015)

Zombie Ninjas Vs Black Ops (2015) HD
Zombie Ninjas Vs Black Ops (2015)
Year, country:
Rody Claude
Adam T Perkins, Kira Caine, Soa Palelei
1h 34min
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If you like energetic pictures with elements of action and horror, then you will definitely like Zombie Ninja vs. Special Forces. The action takes place in a research underground laboratory, one of the Japanese security companies. At Saisei Security, the scientist decides to awaken the assassins who previously died in a serious battle.

And all is well, but the revival of such creatures becomes the reason for the emergence of a completely new type of zombie. Not even that, scientists were able to create deadly Zombie ninjas. Under the leadership of his cruel leader, in the role of the famous UFC warrior, Palele Soa, zombies decide to escape. In order to cope with this situation that went beyond the limits, it was decided to send an elite special forces group. Together with special forces, the former detective Dillon joined the team. What awaits them next? Will they be able to find escaped zombies and neutralize them? Can zombie ninjas harm the people around them?

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