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Sunset Song (2015)
Year, country:
Terence Davies
Ken Blackburn, Mark Bonnar, Stuart Bowman
2h 19min
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In the center of the story of the new British drama Song of the Sunset, an adaptation of Terence Davids of the novel of the same name by Lewis Gibbon, an unenviable female dale in the world of Great Britain in the early twentieth century. In a world that lives by masculine primitive laws. From birth, Chris Guthrie found herself in the grip of an all-overwhelming system - an ever-tired mother and despot father, clogged with a hard life. In addition, you have to pull two younger brothers, to be their second mother, as well as for the older brother, who is stuck in infantilism.

With each year of his life, Chris and the plot of “Song of the Sunset” prepares more and more trials for the heroine - mother’s suicide and the death of her newborn brothers, father’s disability, and everyday problems. Courtesy of a handsome neighbor who calls a girl to become a ray of light in this dark kingdom. However, after male tyranny of a local scale in Chris’s life, a period of global tyranny begins - the First World War begins and the beloved man must go to the front. Four years in real hell - even if the husband returns, then he will not be the same. The circle will close and the heroine will again be under the same roof with a cruel tyrannical man tormented by nightmares and sins of the past ... “Song of the Sunset” - a harsh, honest British movie, like a big dramatic book. For those who love to read, for fans of classic British cinema - “Song of the Sunset”.

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