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Favorites AB Negative (2015)

AB Negative (2015) HD
AB Negative (2015)
Year, country:
Neil Horner
Vincent Regan, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Robert Cavanah
1h 20min
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The newlyweds, celebrated the wedding only two weeks ago, are obliged to leave on their own honeymoon and everything is the fault of the husband’s chef, so he sends the young on a business trip. Nothing should have made us think about the ordinary business trip of a bank employee, but it turned out that before the marriage, the beloved did not all tell each other about themselves. It turns out that the new spouse is not at all a simple bank employee, but a secret agent undercover with a decent track record. The new task of the superhero, which expects to be carried out, is the elimination of another scout from a competing camp. What to do when you must destroy your own adored wife? Can fearless, but loving hearts preserve their own young and immature family and carry out each their own instructions, or else have to find another way out of a difficult and dangerous situation? Becomes a target or to be a hunter himself, that’s what the main characters expects to meet.

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