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Favorites Boy Meets Girl (2015)

Boy Meets Girl (2015) HD
Boy Meets Girl (2015)
Year, country:
Eric Schaeffer
Nigel Betts, Jonny Dixon, Janine Duvitski
1h 39min
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In this series with notes of good humor, you will learn about the difficulties that the main character is experiencing, who can not dare and get acquainted with the girl. The guy has never been successful in romantic matters: he works in a household goods store and spews out his dissatisfaction on all customers. The fact is that it is difficult for him without his object of adoration - a female colleague named Fiona. He has long been breathing unevenly in her direction, but he does not dare to start talking to her. When he has a free minute, he shares his thoughts with a friend, but this does not give any progress towards the goal. Under other circumstances, Judy lives: this heroine is successful, she is a correspondent and writes about innovations in the fashion world. The girl communicates with a cute young man. She is happy and no one, it would seem, can stop her from enjoying life. But the impossible happens. After the lightning strike, the main characters in the series switched bodies. This greatly affected their lifestyle. They need to adapt to new conditions, learn to live in a new body, look at the world in a new way, be more attentive to details. Will our couple manage to exchange bodies again?

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