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Favorites Seed of Yesterday (2015)

Seed of Yesterday (2015)
Year, country:
Shawn Ku
Rachael Carpani, James Maslow, Jason Lewis
1h 26min
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Seeds of the Past is an adaptation of Virginia Andrews' novel. The two main characters return to their childhood memories, again resurrecting the memory of the time they were locked in the attic for more than three years. Katie and Christopher are back at Foxford Hall, a lot of time has passed, but the feeling of anxiety does not leave them to this day. The reason for the brother and sister to come to this place was the twenty-five-year-old Bart, the youngest son of Katie, who should inherit the estate. A series of events reminds of the past again and again, scares every child’s wounds with every petty rustle. From admiration to panic, from nostalgia to fear ... A picture of Canadian production saw the world in April 2015. Director Shawn Ku made sure to keep the storyline of Virginia S. Andrews as much as possible, making minimal amendments to the film version. Making the heroes of the novel come to life, he, along with his team, gave many fans of this work a great pleasure to compare the fantasy world of the author and the film crew. Each of the characters influenced the character of the plot, allowing the viewer, along with the characters of the film adaptation, to go through the fateful mazes of thoughts, fears and emotions ...

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