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Favorites The Squeeze (2015)

The Squeeze (2015)
Year, country:
Terry Jastrow
Jason Dohring, Katherine LaNasa, Christopher McDonald
1h 35min
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The protagonist of a fascinating American sports film called: “Pressure” is a guy named Auggie. He lives in a small town in a cozy house with his family. Auggie loves to play golf, and he does it just fine. He is the best player in town. Auggie wants to succeed, earn a lot of money, build a career. During the game at the city tournament, our hero, as always, showed himself in all its glory. He was noticed by an influential businessman who loves a variety of gambling. He made Auggie an incredible offer. Its essence is that he will earn money on the fact that Auggie will play golf and will win. Initially, our hero refused this deal. After all, the businessman seemed to him a man who can not be trusted. But soon the Auggie family had financial problems. He remembered the deal and decided to agree. At first everything was perfect. Auggie enjoyed his favorite golf game, earned good money, bringing a good income to the businessman. But after a while Auggie realized that he had climbed to a place where it was not necessary to climb. He decided to quit everything, terminate the contract. But it turned out too late. After all, now the stakes are too high.

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