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Favorites Mercenary Absolution (2015)

Mercenary Absolution (2015)
Year, country:
Keoni Waxman
Steven Seagal, Byron Mann, Howard Dell
1h 36min

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The plot of the movie Mercenary: Absolution (2015): The story of a hired killer who does not know how to protect a girl who runs away from mafia, and how to fulfill a duty to the state. And the mafia man himself is associated with a business that generates profits from human trafficking. In addition, our hero also lives in a large metropolis, where there are a lot of different organizations, companies and banks, and they also need to be protected by order of the state. But, you still need to protect the people themselves who own it all. And one person, for example, will not be able to save life, for example, of a major director, therefore they are almost gathering an army. Especially people are anxious about their safety if they are engaged in whatever kind of underground entertainment organizations. Such people sometimes need not only a guard, but also a hired killer. Here is our protagonist and hires a mafioso who sells people. The mercenary needs to kill this very girl, because she learned the secret of the businessman. And now the killer is already set up for his mission. But what or who will stop him? Watch the movie only on our website, starring with Stephen Seagal!

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