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Favorites Eden Lodge (2015)

Eden Lodge (2015) HD
Eden Lodge (2015)
Year, country:
Andreas Prodromou
Georgina Blackledge, Cyd Casados, Ivy Corbin
1h 20min
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In the marriage of the young Michaels family, a crack appeared. In order to restore harmony in the relationship, Adam and Rachel, together with their young son, go on a journey through the English expanses. On the way, their car breaks down and the family decides to spend the night in a small cottage called Paradise.

At first, the couple liked everything in this cottage, but soon the Michaels will find out that cruel killers are operating in the area. They trap lonely travelers and kill them in the most sophisticated ways. Now Adam and Rachel will have to fight not only to save the marriage, but also the most valuable - their lives.

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