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Favorites Cowboys Vs Dinosaurs (2015)

Cowboys Vs Dinosaurs (2015)
Year, country:
Ari Novak
Eric Roberts, Rib Hillis, Casey Fitzgerald
1h 29min
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This is a story about how once a group of scientists conducted research in a small American town, and during this scientific study an amazing event happened. Scientists who tried to use the time machine in their research made an irreparable mistake, which resulted in an explosion at a local mine. After this incident, dinosaurs began to appear from under the rubble. Having got out to freedom, they began to destroy everything around and kill all living things that came in their way. Scientists realized what trouble they brought to the town and its inhabitants, so they began to think how to correct the mistake. During experiments in the present, in addition to dinosaurs, cowboys also appeared. Scientists enlist their support, because it is known that they are distinguished by courage and fortitude. Now the cowboys have to fight the prehistoric reptiles, which will be very difficult to cope with. But fearless cowboys will fight with courage with huge foot and mouth disease. Will the cowboys be able to free the city from dinosaurs? How will this bloody war end? Can scientists correct their mistakes? Viewers will find out about this by watching an exciting movie.

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