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Favorites Rotor DR1 (2015)

Rotor DR1 (2015) HD
Rotor DR1 (2015)
Year, country:
Chad Kapper
Christian Kapper, Natalie Welch, Tom E. Nicholson
1h 38min
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The fantastic film Rotor DR1 online takes viewers to the times of the future, in which everything has changed dramatically. There was nothing left of the Earth, because after the apocalypse came, everything collapsed and disappeared. Most people died, only a small part remained. Some disappeared, and no one could tell where they went. Special devices were created that could fly without the presence of a person in the cabin. These devices were designed to search for the missing and those who remained unharmed and hiding somewhere waiting for help.

There were more and more drones; soon they were already running out of space in the sky. The hero of the picture is a boy who is not yet 18 years old. He managed to survive and is now waiting for salvation. He perfectly understands that if you just sit and do nothing, it can take years. You need to do something yourself to find it faster. And then the young technician invents his own unmanned device and sends it to the sky. He faces another task - to find the missing dad. The young man hopes that with the help of the invention he will be able to reunite with his beloved father again. What is his drone famous for, and how is it different from the rest? The guy does not yet know that he will face a difficult test.

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