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The Hospital 2 (2015)
Year, country:
Jim O'Rear Daniel Emery Taylor
Jim O'Rear, Daniel Emery Taylor, John Dugan
1h 35min
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There are thousands of hospitals in the world, but not even one of them remotely resembles the eerie Royal Hospital. Once upon a time there was a mill in which children died during a terrible fire. The same fate befell the hospital built on its ruins, where a mad doctor tortured his patients. Today, there is a modern medical institution here, but it seems that the bad heredity of the predecessors has passed to the ill-fated hospital. Frightening events and paranormal phenomena keep his staff in constant horror. Doctors, nurses and patients are at the epicenter of the battle of mighty otherworldly forces, whose balance, without knowing it, they always break, which leads to unpredictable consequences ...
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