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Favorites Still Waters (2015)

Still Waters (2015)
Year, country:
Ray Burdis
Kristy Brooks, David Clark, Dominique Donovan
1h 20min
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The British film by Ray Berdis about a cute angel hiding the terrible secret of the family. "Quiet whirlpools" are always fraught with a lot of secrets. The plot for the thriller film was taken from the work of Nigel McRurry. The screen version of the "Center of Evil" became an experienced work for the experienced master. Hampshire has a tiny town that looks more like a provincial settlement. There lives a young angel - the girl Angel. The girl has no parents, but she has a beloved grandmother, who does not have a soul in her.

The timid, shy and calm Angel also adores her granny, and her opinion, advice for a young Englishwoman is always authoritative. Maybe because Angel still doesn’t know a terrible secret? .. In her youth, her grandmother was not meek in nature and more than once broke the laws, doing the most unseemly thing. High-ranking British officials and simply rich people gathered at parties where they brought children. And Grandma Angel organized such parties for children and perverts. The secret will not always be hidden from native eyes. What happens when Angel finds out the truth?

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