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Favorites Drunk Wedding (2015)

Drunk Wedding (2015) HD
Drunk Wedding (2015)
Year, country:
Nick Weiss
Christian Cooke, Victoria Gold, Dan Gill
1h 21min
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The main characters of the film are two young people named Elissa and John, who have long dreamed of tying themselves up by marriage. They are very different in nature and behavior people, but still they are together, and love each other. Their romance developed very quickly, and no one understood how two completely different people could be so passionate about each other. But fate very often combines opposites, and these two people began to prepare for the most important day in their life. They dream that their wedding would be perfect, so they take preparations seriously. But not everything went as planned as planned. And this day they will definitely be remembered for a lifetime, since this important holiday has turned into a crazy party with drunken guests. Only the wedding ceremony went well, but during the banquet the situation changed dramatically. All guests present drank a lot of alcohol, and ceased to control themselves. The wedding of Elissa and John, which they have been waiting for so long, turns into a scandalous show, in which a real drunk booth takes place. Young people will want to forget this terrible day forever, but they are unlikely to succeed, because it is impossible to forget ...

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