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Favorites Club Life (2015)

Club Life (2015)
Year, country:
Fabrizio Conte
Jessica Szohr, Jerry Ferrara, Robert Davi
1h 27min

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Club Life is a film with a tense dramatic plot from Fabrizio Conte. Clubs are not just a vacation spot for stylish youth, they are a whole culture. Here you can meet, meet, drink, try forbidden things. And all this under the booming rumble of modern tools. There are those who no longer imagine life without these bright parties, without this noisy place. They come every evening, and everything goes according to the same scenario they once established.

To enable lovers of club life to spend time the way they like, a whole team works. Musicians, managers, advertisers work hard. The protagonist of the film F. Conte is an ambitious guy trying to become the best promoter in a huge metropolis. Every night, watching a luxurious life, he dreams of becoming famous. But to promote the club is an extremely difficult task, especially for a person without a reputation, an extra cent. Will the young man be able to show undeniable talents and make the chosen club the best in the metropolis? Time will tell...

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