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Favorites At Grannys House (2015)

At Grannys House (2015) HD
At Grannys House (2015)
Year, country:
Les Mahoney
Rachel Alig, Bill Oberst Jr., Laura Lee
1h 23min
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The caring son was very worried about the fact that his mother lives all alone in her house in the city of Hailey. It was for this reason that he insisted that his mother take an assistant to her house. Grandmother agreed to the first girl that came to her house. She turned out to be Rebecca Torrens. Since that day, the oldest granny in the area has healed with sexy Marien Rogers. Initially, the main character of Granny's House (2015) did not accept her new roommate, but she soon realized that the girl was positive towards her, they even found common interests.

One day, Rebecca invites Mariane to participate in one modern movement, which involves placing people in her home. Since then, travelers began to visit the house of the protagonist of the film Grandma’s House. Despite the fact that the grandmother initially took Rebecca's idea negatively, she soon realized how amazing and interesting it was to meet new people, to learn about their lives. Only Rebecca began to notice that some guests behave very rude, completely not respecting the works of the hostesses. And so the girl decides to teach them a lesson. Watching a movie online will be even more interesting when a sweet, but only at first glance, grandmother gets involved.