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Favorites Western Religion (2015)

Western Religion (2015) HD
Western Religion (2015)
Year, country:
James O'Brien
Claude Duhamel, Louie Sabatasso, Gary Kohn
1h 45min
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Western Religion (2015) is an exciting western that describes events taking place in 1879. Absolutely all poker fans begin to gather in a small town located in Arizona. Here both professional players and ordinary amateurs appear, as well as those who are just beginning to master this gambling and exciting game.

Each protagonist of the film is quite unique. They all differ from each other in their characters, past lives and hobbies. Everyone has their own religion and completely different professions. But now they have only one thing in common - to play poker and win. And, of course, each of them wants to win. But fate cannot bestow absolutely all on its mercy. Therefore, someone is lucky, but someone must put up with failure. A rather gorgeous prize is at stake and the fight for it will be serious. The assembled gamblers are very different people and the reaction to losing is different for everyone. Will everyone be able to find the strength to lose worthily? Who will succeed in becoming the first? How will the game go? Do you want to know the continuation of this story?