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Favorites How To Change The World (2015)

How To Change The World (2015)
Year, country:
Jerry Rothwell
Robert Hunter, Patrick Moore, Paul Watson
1h 50min
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There is a story of the creation of the largest and most famous movement in the world, which is fighting to preserve nature. It all started with the fact that several indifferent citizens boarded a small ship and went to the shores of the island of Amchitke, on which nuclear weapons should be tested. Many were afraid that as a result of a powerful explosion, a real natural disaster could happen, and a huge wave would cover the coast of Canada and cause huge destruction. When reaching the destination, numerous conflicts occur between the passengers of the ship, and as a result the ship never reaches the island. Weapons are being tested, and there are no consequences from the explosion. The ship returns home, but the courage and concern of the ship's passengers does not go unnoticed. All the world's media talk about a group of bearded hippies who set off to meet the danger. The ship gets the sonorous name of Greenpeace, and this is how the legendary environmental movement is born.

You can watch a movie online and find out that it all started with a hill of volunteers and a small ship, but after a few years the environmental movement turned into a huge powerful and very influential corporation with which everyone is reckoned. The film How to Change the World (2015) shows how power and money can change people and make them forget about their old principles and goals.

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