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Shelter (2015) HD
Shelter (2015)
Year, country:
Wrion Bowling Adam C. Caudill
Joyce Hshieh, Michael Patrick Lane, Sarah Street
1h 37min
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A sudden nuclear winter burned the surface of the earth instantly. Several heroes hiding in a special bunker miraculously survived the explosion. The bomb shelter, giving physical protection, only slowed down the hands of the clock that brought death closer. The sad outcome will now drag on, putting great suffering on the fate of the chosen ones, because in the underground storage there are limited supplies of food, water and absolutely no freedom of movement. The hostages of the only room left to convict a suitable case, so that, having risen to the surface, not to be afraid of radiation. But how long should they wait, remaining in isolation? It is not known how not to go crazy in intolerable conditions. It’s very easy to lose your mind, succumbing to depression. Each sentenced, driven by instincts, will try not to lose heart, fight for salvation using physical strength. None of the young people intend to remain a victim of circumstances, but manic inclinations will necessarily appear in the chosen punisher. He will begin to repair outrage, completely freeing himself from further responsibility, hoping to survive without the participation of others.