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Favorites Killing Jesus (2015)

Killing Jesus (2015)
Year, country:
Christopher Menaul
Kelsey Grammer, Vernon Dobtcheff, Eoin Macken
2h 12min
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Another original interpretation of the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth from the director Christopher Melon. Starring Kelsey Gremmer, Vernon Dobcheff.

This story has already been retold more than once, but there is still room for originality. The birth and life of the great prophet and son of the Lord through the prism of life and the rule of his main enemy - the Jewish king Herod - is something that you have not yet seen. Even if you do not suffer from religious fanaticism, watching this quality drama is still worth it, if only because of the chic cast and beautiful picture. So, King Herod most of his life existed under the yoke of an ancient prophecy that predicted to him the loss of everything when a new prophet comes to earth. The king knew that this future would certainly come, but he tried in every possible way to postpone the tragic moment of his fall, despite the ongoing nightmares and visions of his own collapse. When three elders knocked on the palace, praying for the opportunity to personally observe the birth of the Messiah, the man thought that this was his chance to prevent the fulfillment of the prophecy. He assured the elders that he was absolutely not opposed to the mysterious rites and the journey beyond the star of Bethlehem to the birthplace of the baby, and also asked to participate in the ceremony, supposedly in order to pray about his coming. In fact, his plans included the killing and subsequent debunking of the myth, but the future father of the unborn baby also knew that his son was special and suspected that this did not bode well for the child.

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