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The Sand (2015)
Year, country:
Isaac Gabaeff
Brooke Butler, Cleo Berry, Cynthia Murell
1h 24min
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The film "Sand" - a youth horror about a company of friends who became prisoners of a nightmarish beach.

A group of fellow students who successfully passed the final exam set off to relax on the coast. The friends’s plans include a crazy party, night bathing and incendiary fun all day. Having fun near the sea, the youth finds a giant strange ball resembling an egg covered with a sticky liquid, but does not attach importance to the find. In the morning, after nightly entertainment, the awakened heroes discover that the beach has changed insecurely - the usual coastal sand, on which everyone had fun yesterday, suddenly became unsteady.

Moving around the sand is now deadly, so the company decides to wait for help, remaining under the scorching sun in the boat and car. The devil's beach just devours imprudent students, and the reason for this is a terrible monster hatched from an egg, hiding under the sand. An unknown monster spread its tentacles around the future "food", waiting for the first careless step to the death of frightened young people.

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