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Kantemir (2015)
Year, country:
Ben Samuels
Robert Englund, Diane Cary, Daniel Gadi
1h 27
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Kantemir (2015) watch full movie online in HD - free movie on ffilms.clubThe horror film Kantemir talks about how dangerous it might be to neglect ancient legends. To shoot the next horror movie, a group of actors need to prepare. Like any creative person, for a complete immersion in the role they need reality as close as possible to the shooting. For these purposes, their choice falls on an abandoned old estate, which is located in New England, far from civilization. Terrible stories go about this house, but the actors do not bother how much, on the contrary, they believe that this will only make it easier for them to get used to the role. Arriving at the abandoned castle, the actors perceive the aura of mystery enveloped in it, very funny. And the legends and horror stories that are told about him are attractive. The workdays of artists begin. Rehearsals of scenes that will be included in the film, honing skills, polishing dialogs and all kinds of little things. However, suddenly they begin to realize that the terrible scenes from their film, in a mysterious way, turn into reality. Chilling scenes come true, and no one can stop it. What will end such an extreme rehearsal for the troupe, whether they will be able to return alive from the mysterious house ...