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Favorites Dont Look In The Basement 2 (2015)

Dont Look In The Basement 2 (2015)
Year, country:
Tony Brownrigg
Andrew Sensenig, Frank Mosley, Arianne Martin
1h 28min
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The film takes place forty years after the terrible massacre that occurred in a psychiatric hospital. In that bloody bathhouse, absolutely all the doctors and patients died, except for one. Only Sam, who recently survived a lobotomy, managed to escape. Quite a lot of time has passed, and those events began to be erased from Sam's memory. Then the former patient of the hospital decides to return to that creepy building and looks into the basement. It turns out that the ghosts living in the former hospital have not disappeared. They are ready to break out of the basement again and commit a new act of violence. And this time nothing can stop their rage.

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