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Favorites Goddess Of Love (2015)

Goddess Of Love (2015)
Year, country:
Jon Knautz
Alexis Kendra, Woody Naismith, Elizabeth Sandy
1h 33min
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“Goddess of Love” is a film about a mentally unstable girl who set off in search of adventure after the betrayal of her lover.

Venus works as a stripper and right during a private dance she meets the one whom she considers her fate. The affair with Brian turns out to be stormy, but at the same time promising to go into something more serious.

However, joint nights, dinners and heart-to-heart talks are gradually turning into a routine. Brian is increasingly lingering outside the house, and surveillance of him shows that the man did not forget his ex-wife, about which he himself later speaks openly.

Reason leaves the heroine, and she hardly understands what is real and what is not. Now she imagines a snake crawling out of a scarf, then she finds a dead cat with a note.

A club colleague tells the girl to be tougher in order to earn more, but the new habits of Venus scare customers and anger the boss. Periodically, the dancer simply freezes, staring into the void, trying to stay in consciousness.

But does she understand reality? And are there any fragments in her memory that Venus tried to forget?

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