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Favorites The Chosen (2015)

The Chosen (2015)
Year, country:
Ben Jehoshua
Kian Lawley, Elizabeth Keener, Angelica Cassidy
1h 28min
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Ghosts are not going to let people live happily ever after, noticing only their own petty problems. The world is much larger than these miserable creatures think, but after death there is absolutely no room for entertainment. The only way to add variety to an endless series of boring monotonous days is to return to the living world. This can be done by capturing the body of an innocent child, suppressing his will and soul.

This time, the choice of otherworldly forces fell on a pretty girl. While her parents continue to poke fun with her, she is already preparing an insidious plan to turn their lives into the worst nightmare. But the couple was not shy. For some reason, they decided to fight for their child, and not abandon him. Perhaps it will be even better. In such a game, you can not hide trump cards until the very last move, but immediately demonstrate your power. If at the same time someone dies, the new owner of a small body will not be upset. All the same, this should have ended. Parents are ready to do anything to return to their baby the opportunity to live a normal life, free her from this dangerous captivity. However, every day their confidence in their own strength weakens. They had already tried all the options, but they could not cope with the ghost.

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