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Admiral (2015)
Year, country:
Roel Reiné
Charles Dance, Rutger Hauer, Daniel Brocklebank
2h 31min
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The highest rank that sailors can get is an admiral. But in order to carry this title, one must have many merits, as in military affairs, and make many other useful for the fatherland affairs. Mihil Ruyter spent his entire life in the navy in the Netherlands, for which he was awarded a high title. Ruyter participated in a large number of sea battles (best known: with Berber pirates and ships of the English fleet) and always came out victorious. In addition, Mihil made a lot of travel and visited many parts of the globe.
The film "Admiral" takes place in the seventeenth century, when the Netherlands was on the brink of civil war. Admiral Mikhil Ruyter enjoyed great popularity among the people. And the country's authorities are so afraid of strengthening its political positions, which was decided at any cost to get rid of the people's favorite. Ruyter receives a difficult task: to conduct a raid in the Mediterranean Sea. To execute this order is very difficult, since in this sea the superior superiority of the sea armada of France and Spain. But Mihil is a man of honor, he goes on a deadly mission ...