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Favorites Nightingale (2014)

Nightingale (2014)
Year, country:
Elliott Lester
David Oyelowo, Barlow Jacobs, Heather Storm
1h 30min
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The film "Nightingale" is a project of one actor, where a black man with a bunch of problems appears before the viewer, recording his monologues about life on camera.
Peter Snowden is a veteran of the war, living according to his assertion with his mother. They can not find a common language, the hero does not like her rules and habits.
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Peter goes to routine work, which he hates, quarrels with colleagues, and then pours out his soul in front of the lens. He is obsessed with dinner with his comrade Edward. But first the mother does not allow him to invite him to visit, and then Peter suspects that Edward's wife erases all the messages and looks through the letters, especially not letting the buddies meet.
Rare telephone conversations with a few acquaintances only seem like normal communication. Peter is lonely, like no one, he must take medicine to cope with the past and the present, but, apparently, does not. Nightingale (2014) watch full movie online free in ffilms.club.
His consciousness is confused, and this can not lead to anything good. Peter does not have a number of people next to him who would pay attention to his condition and helped him to separate reality from fiction ...
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