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Vendetta (2015)
Year, country:
Soska Sisters
Dean Cain, Paul Wight, Michael Eklund
1h 30min
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The film Vendetta is a dramatic action movie about blood feud.

Detective Mason Danvers, along with a partner, catches two scum - brothers Victor and Griffin Abbotov. But the key witnesses in their case either disappear or cease to cooperate with the investigation, so the criminals are released without any charges.

Since Victor explicitly threatened Mason, he hurries to contact his wife and confirms his fears: the elder Abbott is already at their place. The detective does not have time to arrive at the scene of the tragedy in time, and only the arrest of Victor, who has already killed Jos with his bare hands, is caught.

The hero tries to cope with the loss, but he does not manage to find peace, then he decides that revenge is what he should live for. He did not get even with Victor when he was already on his sight, but there is still the opportunity to correct his own gross and annoying mistake. Mason kills Griffin with his accomplices, for which he goes to jail. He needs this to get to the second Abbot and put an end to their prolonged acquaintance.