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Favorites Lazer Team (2015)

Lazer Team (2015)
Year, country:
Matt Hullum
Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones
1h 42min
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Has anyone noticed that the salvation of the world often “falls” on the shoulders of those who are not adapted to this salvation at all? So the poor fellows from the comedy-fiction film “The Laser Team” were not going to become any “saviors of mankind”. They are generally unfamiliar. And purely by chance they turned out to be next to the wreck of an enemy alien ship. Curiosity overcame these strangers. They climbed inside and found a lot of all sorts of "interesting." And then they only met and learned that the "aliens" are planning to enslave the earthly expanses. And the government has “views” precisely on this curious four. Well, you have to have the courage to try on an alien outfit! Well, or stupidity ... Adam should teach the dunce. He is a master of military secrets, but by no means a master of “driving in” information into empty heads. In a word, both the stupid students and the wise teacher will suffer. But the salvation of something the world has not been canceled. Yes, and with the aliens no peace treaties signed ...

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