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Favorites Strange Magic (2015)

Strange Magic (2015)
Year, country:
Gary Rydstrom
Evan Rachel Wood, Elijah Kelley, Kristin Chenoweth
120 min
The fairy-tale world rises before the eyes of the audience in the cartoon "Strange Magic". Four different nations live in the miraculous world - goblins, elves, demons and fairies. And everything in the fairy-tale world, as in the ordinary, creatures of different races are friends with each other, quarrel and sometimes even fight. After all, every little thing can cause a big conflict.

Once the almighty king of the Dark Forest decided to destroy the very concept of love, and for this you need to destroy the whole primrose. After all, these beautiful flowering herbs, the main component of all love tinctures. But the king meets the evil princess Marianne, whose heart broke her fiance. Seeing what a miserable princess, the king decided not to destroy the primrose. At the same time, the bright prince-elf entered the Dark Forest in order to collect herbs for making his own love spell. So soon he will meet with the Dark King and how it will end for the two of them can be recognized by the plot of this cartoon. And throughout the entire film, the most famous music of recent years from classical to rock and rap sounds.
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