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Favorites Bus Driver (2016)

Bus Driver (2016) HD
Bus Driver (2016)
Year, country:
Brian Herzlinger
Steve Daron, Holly Elissa, Steven Chase,
1h 15min
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Guided tours are fun, even if you don’t particularly like high school students. But, just need to get together in a trip, in which parents send careless offspring, then so be it. But teenagers were not at all ready for future adventures.

The school bus carries teenagers and teachers towards interesting discoveries. That's just on the road happens trouble, and transport gets stuck in the desert. A group of people have nothing left to do but go on a search for reinforcements.

The leader of the drug gang, Dylan, hoped that today was her lucky day. A huge batch of a prohibited substance is already prepared for shipment, and soon the money should flow like a river. But she could not have foreseen that a company of tourists would wander into her shelter, violating her visit with her visit. But, fortunately, she has in stock a few thugs who can deal with uninvited guests ...