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Observance (2016)
Year, country:
Joseph Sims-Dennett
Brendan Cowell, Stephanie King, Lindsay Farris,
1h 30min
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Had David Lynch been among the authors of this low-budget Australian thriller, one could safely talk about the atmosphere of suspense, growing horror and darkness, but the guru is now busy with his twin TV production “Twin Peaks”, therefore apartment wigwams created by a team of young Australian filmmakers can please fans as much to disappoint the genre with the final result, where in the final it turns out that there were a lot of questions asked, but not a lot of answers ...

A young man takes on a very unusual job - Monitoring a young blonde who lives in the house opposite. He sets up a camera aimed at the girl’s windows, watches her day and night, and then calls the number indicated, reporting on what happened during the day. The meaning of his work is absolutely unclear to him, and paranoia is growing.

The hero begins to have nightmares, and then he sees terrible things and in reality, incomprehensible traces appear on his body, but he is no longer able to leave his post. Observation has become the meaning of his existence, and, although he has almost no doubt that this whole undertaking will end badly, the observer decides to go all the way to the end.