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Favorites Looking: The Movie (2015)

Looking: The Movie (2015)
Year, country:
and Kevin. Director: Andrew Haigh
Frankie J Alvarez, Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett
1h 25min
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The American series “Looking” is a story about the lives of three friends who live in San Francisco. In appearance, they are absolutely no different from other people, but they consider themselves to be sexual minorities. Despite the fact that the main characters are gay, they have the same problems and difficulties as people with a traditional orientation. They experience personal dramas, dream of true love, and are still searching for themselves.

One of his friends is working in a restaurant, another is developing computer games, and the third is an artist. Men live an ordinary life and believe that someday they will find happiness. They have a strong and sincere friendship, they spend a lot of time with each other, help, worry and have fun together. They are not worried about their orientation and live in a popular area for gay Mission. It is here that friends try to find love and finally find the long-awaited and all the time elusive happiness. Men will fall into funny situations, and various stories will happen to them. A comedy series about gay life will allow the audience to laugh heartily and introduce you to the difficult life of sexual minorities.