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Favorites Peter The Redemption (2016)

Peter The Redemption (2016)
Year, country:
Leif Bristow
Bobbie Phillips, John Rhys-Davies, Stephen Baldwin,
1h 29min
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The film “Apostle Peter: Atonement” tells about the events that happened to the followers of Jesus Christ after the mentor was crucified. Each of the preachers tried to follow the instructions of his teacher, but in the end everything turned out not how they wanted. Some of them returned to their previous lives, and there are those who decided to continue their journey and try to get answers to exciting questions. All the heroes were well aware that their mentor could not be returned and this greatly tormented and did not give rest to each of them, because they did not even try to do anything. Continuing to watch the film “The Apostle Peter: Atonement” online, you can understand that each of the apostles experienced a tragedy in their own way. However, Peter chose to go on a trip, during which he hoped to get answers that were important to him. He was definitely sure that he would be heard and worry about nothing, he would have no reason. The man is so sure of everything that there are no doubts. The preacher believes the words of his teacher, and it is precisely in order to prove all this to the others that he decides to go a long way, which will bring him many trials.