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Population Zero (2016)
Year, country:
Julian T. Pinder, Adam Levins
Jeff Staranchuk Stars: Rob McGillivray, Duane Murray, Julian T. Pinder
1h 24min
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In April 2009, a horrible tragedy occurred in Yellowstone Park - three young guys were killed. The police couldn't find the killer, but he came to them: Dwayne Nelson showed up at the police station and confessed to what had happened. However, despite a heartfelt confession, the criminal was released, thanks to a loophole in the US Constitution. Canadian documentarian Julian Pinder is leaving for Yellowstone, hoping to make a movie that should shock the entire nation. The film's main theme is: "How did the United States' highest law allow the guilty to be released?" However, Julian could not have imagined that his own life would be in mortal danger after he found some evidence that could resume the investigation ...