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The Fits (2015)
Year, country:
Anna Rose Holmer
Makyla Burnam, Alexis Neblett, Royalty Hightower
1h 12min
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Eleven-year-old Tony is boxing with a brother named Jermain. In the adjacent hall, a local girls' dance team trains. The girl is watching this beauty closely. One day, when there is no one around, Tony begins to dance, carefully repeating the movements of the dancers. Jermain tells her sister she is doing well and she should try her hand at dancing. The baby comes to the team, but it is not accepted from the first time, though it is practiced in the sweat of the face. Here, the little heroine makes herself friends - Bizzy and Maya. One day, unexplained events begin to unfold. The older girls have some terrible attacks. They suddenly weaken and faint. First, the trainer assumes that it is in the water. Therefore, everyone is ordered to drink from a cooler in the boxing room. However, the seizures do not stop. A strange epidemic is already being discussed on the radio and on TV by experts and government officials. But everything is based only on conjectures and assumptions. Bizzy says in secret that he also wants to experience the sensations of these seizures, because they are all too inevitable early on. Then Maya falls victim to a seizure. Excited girlfriends discuss their new "experience", and Tony listens carefully to them. At one of the sessions, finally, and with her there is an attack, after which she opens her eyes and smiles mysteriously ...