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Favorites Accidental Exorcist (2016)

Accidental Exorcist (2016) HD
Accidental Exorcist (2016)
Year, country:
Daniel Falicki
Daniel Falicki, Mary Brown, Michael Cunningham
1h 45min
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The plot of the picture revolves around Richard Vanuk, experiencing far from the best period in his life. A few years ago, he became addicted to alcohol, and this habit developed into a full-fledged disease. Under the influence of spirits, Richard could not reach a new level of his writing skills. His depression was getting deeper and no one could help him. However, few people know that Richard is also a first-class exorcist who knows how to expel demons from human souls. This is the only occupation in which he succeeded. One day, Richard has to return to exorcism, and this completely changes his life.

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