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Favorites King Cobra (2016)

King Cobra (2016)
Year, country:
Justin Kelly
Alicia Silverstone, James Franco, Molly Ringwald,
1h 31min
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The main character of the picture is King Cobra, his name is Brent Corrigan. The guy is young, charismatic and quite attractive. In addition, he is very popular among men, as he is gay. Brent decided to choose an unusual profession for himself, he starred in pornographic films, which makes him popular. The young man is madly in love with the occupation itself and he is fully committed to the process.

He signed a contract with the studio, which has already begun to earn good money. It was then that the head of the company and the director understand that they were able to find a good and profitable vein. Now each film is very popular with them. And also, the main character really liked to work and he tried to give all his best on the set. Thanks to Brent, the Royal Cobra studio is becoming one of the most popular and successful, which happens in the shortest possible time. Competitors, of course, are not very happy and they do not want to stay away. The guy opens a real hunt. He is offered to change his job and for this he has a chance to get a huge fee. Day after day, the situation is heating up. For Cobra, now losing such an important actor is simply a disaster, and competitors are even ready to take desperate measures. But the main character remains aloof, no one asks his opinions. The guy turned into a simple pawn in a huge game. How will the fate of a popular actor be determined? Will his film studio be able to win the most important actor from competitors?

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